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“Enough” is original acrylic painting on stretched canvas that measures 24x30 inches. I painted this piece intuitively, without an expectation or plan in mind, and leaned into how free I felt with less strokes and how crowded I felt with more. “Enough” represents intentionally cultivating contentment and inner peace in chaotic environments — having enough, doing enough, and being enough in a culture that tells us we can never have, do, or be enough. This colorful painting was born out of a need for negative space, both in my artwork and in my life.

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My name is Tori Price, and I’m a colorful, self-taught painter living in North Druid Hills. I named my art business Luna Leigh Arts to honor my creative imagination and its never-ending love for the moon. I make vibrant acrylic paintings inspired by nature and energy that are meant to inspire others... | more...
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