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My name is Tori Price, and I’m a colorful, self-taught painter living in North Druid Hills. I named my art business Luna Leigh Arts to honor my creative imagination and its never-ending love for the moon. I make vibrant acrylic paintings inspired by nature and energy that are meant to inspire others and bring them a sense of peace, joy and wonder.

Most of my paintings are made intuitively. I like to trust my intuition during the creative process to see where it will lead me and my work. Meditating while I paint, I love getting lost in color and the way the paint moves with my brush. I infuse positivity into each creation, and my hope is that this energy will reach the viewers and collectors. My artistic goal is to radiate more positivity into the world and inspire others to see the natural beauty within them and around them each day.

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“Enough” is original acrylic painting on stretched canvas that measures 24x30 inches. I painted this piece intuitively, without an expectation or plan in mind, and leaned into how free I felt with less strokes and how crowded I felt with more. “Enough” represents intentionally cultivating contentmen... | more...

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“Confident Unicorn” is an original acrylic painting on stretched canvas that measures 24x36 inches. There are several layers of paint to give the piece depth, and the horn, hair, and a few diamonds shine with details of metallic gold. | more...

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Wednesday March 16, 2016 01:12 PM EDT
When you’re sober | more...