Blundstone's 150 year history has grown to become synonymous with "work boot". They've helped define what it means to be a work boot with features like:

  • slip-resistance
  • 284 degrees F resistance
  • Electrical Hazzard Resistance
  • Oil/Acid Resistance
  • Organic Fat/Oil Resistance
  • Water-resistant Upper

About the Business Owner and Retailer


Janice is the owner of Abbadabba's, Atlanta's premier source for comfortable footwear, with stores in Little Five Points, Buckhead and East Cobb.

We work to fulfill our mission of being Atlanta's Premier Source for Innovative and Healthful Footwear by achieving the following goals every day:

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About the store


5f89e Abadabas L5p Magnum
421-B Moreland Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 588-9577

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