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From Docs to Chucks and Vans to Fluevogs, if it’s trendy and you can put your foot in it, chances are they’ve got it. They specialize in Birkenstocks, too. As for the name, it’s what they used to call founder Janice Abernethy back in high school.

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Birkenstock, synonymous with comfort, and one of the first shoes we carried staring 40+ years ago! We’re proud to be a certified Birkenstock retailer and whether it’s your first pair, or time for a fresh one, we can’t wait to fit you and make your feet happy. | more...

Clothing Store, Little Five Points Neighborhood Store

On was born in the Swiss alps with one goal: to revolutionize the sensation of running. It’s all based on one radical idea. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. Or, as they call it, running on clouds. We’re proud to bring this comfort to the feet and streets of Atlanta. | more...

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Blundstone’s 150 year history has grown to become synonymous with “work boot”. They’ve helped define what it means to be a work boot with features like:

slip-resistance 284 degrees F resistance Electrical Hazzard Resistance Oil/Acid Resistance Organic Fat/Oil Resistance Water-resistant Upper

... | more...

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From the streets to the runways, Vans are a fashion staple. Even better - they’re also comfortable! Available in a zillion colors and prints (and we stock a good few of those) there’s sure to be a color and style that fits your vibe. Check out our biggest selection of Vans at our Little Five Points ... | more...

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We have proudly brought the iconic yellow stitched shoe called Dr. Martens to Atlanta’s feet for 30+ years. Dr. Martens are a fashion icon, a workboot, and a wardrobe must-have. Come in and let us fit you in a fresh pair of Docs! | more...
421-B Moreland Ave. N.E.
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(404) 588-9577

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