Price: $10 + Side Item

Parlay & Chili:
Our Signature take on the all-time classic comfort food, chili, is comprised of premium ground beef, beans, tomatoes, aromatics, and our secret ingredient, love. We’ve coined our chili, “PARLAY & Chili”, because it will tantalize your taste buds and entice you to relax as you enjoy our love bowl of goodness.

Our combo includes a bowl of chili, toppings (avocado crema, shredded cheese, and green onions), and our signature cornbread with honey butter for a steal at $10!

Come out and PARLAY with us and see for yourself who has the best chili in Atlanta...again! From our hearts to your bellies…Stay well, be safe, and love, love, and love some more!

There will be a link on our website for all online orders during ATL Chili Week.

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