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Roseman’s Remedies is an eco-friendly wellness company.

We take pride in offering relief and solutions to our customers while dualistically providing that for our beloved planet. Our motto is love your body, love the planet. Because you only have one of both.

Wellbeing is a priority for us. We do not just sell products, we offer transformative tools for maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

We are standing for a world where people can easily and deeply love themselves and the planet simultaneously.

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Our bath salts are poured into a sealable compostable pouch from supporting their compostable labels making the entire package compostable NT WT 6.5oz

We offer 5 scents

Muscle Soothe, Relaxation, Energizing, Aphrodisiac, and Black Magik

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Glass roller bottle inside a bamboo container filled with arnica, CBD infused jojoba oil and essential oils. Used for pain and aromatherapy. | more...

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Our delicate body butters are poured into glass jars from and support a compostable label from

Excellent to use for moisturization an on skin blemishes NT WT: 1.5oz

We carry 3 variations Skin Healing Scent, a Naked scent and a Chamomile infused mango butter

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1200 Foster Street Nw
Atlanta, GA
Black-owned Business

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