Author to Watch: Gina Myers

‘I’ve found Atlanta seeping into my work, frequently, in small ways’

Author to Watch: Gina Myers, Photo by Joeff Davis 2012
Photo credit: Joeff Davis/CL File
Author to Watch: Gina Myers

When poet Gina Myers moved from Michigan to Atlanta in the summer of 2011, she immediately dove into the local literature scene. Myers began contributing to Emory Poetry Council’s “What’s New in Poetry” reading series, helping series curator Bruce Covey with promotions, setup, and recordings. The accomplished young poet says Atlanta’s writing scene is a major motivator: “I think it has inspired me to write more. There are a lot of opportunities here for people to show and share their work. I’m hoping that the commitment and genuine enjoyment of writing I see in others here continues to rub off on me.”

Myers’ environment has always heavily influenced her work. Her first two collections, A Model Year and False Spring, both focused on her home state of Michigan. Her third collection of poetry is slated for publication this spring by Coconut Books, and the Gate City is slowly having an effect. “I’ve found Atlanta seeping into my work, frequently, in small ways, such as the mention of dogwood,” she says. “I think the more Atlanta feels like home, the bigger part of my work it will become.”

Gina often takes her words on the road, and recently returned from a cross-country road trip that involved a number of readings. The experience gave her some perspective on her new city. “Atlanta is seriously one of the best scenes I’ve encountered,” she says. “Here, fiction writers, journalists, artists, dancers, and musicians are just as likely to show up to a poetry reading. It reminds me a lot of the Baltimore scene, which I have always found to be super supportive whenever I’ve visited.”