The Blotter July 21 2005

ON LOWERY STREET, a 36-year-old woman told police that someone left a message on her cell phone. According to the woman, the caller said they were going to find her and kill her. Then, they were going to bury her alive.The woman did not recognize the caller's voice.

AN OFFICER SAW two men spray-painting on the Krog Street underpass (a local favorite for spray-paint artists). The cop stopped the spray-painters. The two men, ages 21 and 26, showed the cop a letter from a neighborhood association, giving them permission to spray-paint. Still, the officer gave both men tickets for defacing city property. The officer wrote, "They were given [tickets] and informed that permission to spray-paint art needs to come from the city of Atlanta, and in writing on city government letterhead." (A smarmy aside from the Blotter Diva: Just imagine this "law-abiding" scene. A group of spray-painters shows up at City Hall and asks government workers just where they need to go to get written permission to spray-paint art.)

AT 2:20 A.M. ON HOLLYWOOD ROAD, a middle-aged man was walking down the middle of the street. He flagged down an undercover officer. "I'm the former guitar player for Al Green," the man said. "I need money to get home." The man, age 48, smelled like booze. He was charged with "pedestrian in roadway" and taken to jail.

AT ABOUT 1 A.M., A MAN CALLED POLICE from his apartment on Peachtree Road. He said a burglar was holding a gun to his head. Police raced to his apartment, where the front door was partially open. The caller was sitting on the sofa, watching a porn video. He wasn't wearing any pants — or underwear, for that matter. The man said there was no burglar in his apartment, and in fact, he made up the story. Several crack pipes were on the living-room table. The man, age 41, went to jail for reporting a fake crime.

A WOMAN FOUND SOME POOP smeared on the front door of her apartment on Holly Street. She said she had seen a homeless man, who sometimes stays in the building, walk by her door with a tissue in his hand. About a minute later, she smelled poop, opened her door and saw the waste on the door. The homeless man was gone.The woman said she keeps a large bucket of biscuits in the basement, so if there's a nuclear attack, she'll have something to eat. And she has a rifle. She says she sleeps with her bedroom window open and the rifle on the windowsill - and she'll shoot anyone who trespasses on her property.

Police looked around the house; no signs of forced entry.

A 32-YEAR-OLD MAN walked into the police precinct on Fair Street. He'd received some threatening phone calls from his dead girlfriend's children's father. An officer listened to a recording of one of the phone messages. The caller said the man better duck if they run into each other on the streets because his pistol is bigger than the man's pistol.Also, the caller used the deceased girlfriend's cell phone to make the calls.

A WOMAN SAID SHE BOUGHT SOME BAD CRAB and felt sick. Police arrived at her house on Tribble Lane. The woman, age 60, said she purchased the crab at Wal-Mart, and ate two crab legs. The woman refused medical attention, saying she felt a little sick to her stomach. The officer filed a report.

A MAN HEARD A NOISE outside his apartment on Macon Drive. Looking outside, he saw a woman who used to baby-sit his sons. She was scratching his car (an SUV Chevy Blazer). She yelled that she would come back, burn the truck and burn his apartment with him in it. Then she fled. The man called police. The driver's side of the Chevy had been scratched with a box cutter. There were dried traces of an unknown liquid that had been poured in the gas tank. Mud clogged the gas cap and pipe leading to the gas tank. While an officer took the report, another officer found the baby sitter and brought her back to the scene. She said she told the man if it had been anyone else, they would have burned his car and his apartment. She said she just went to the apartment to ask for the money he owes her for baby-sitting.?
The baby sitter, age 34, went to jail.

TWO WOMEN were riding in a car on Campbellton Road. The first woman, age 33, said the second woman got upset when she said she "liked dick" and refused to sleep with her. The second woman poured an entire Bud Ice beer on the first woman, and slapped her.The second woman admitted to the beer-pouring, but denied the slapping. She said any marks on the woman's face were from a bug bite. The second woman was charged with acting violent. According to the report, the two women are former lovers.

A PREGNANT WOMAN OFFERED TO GIVE A BLOWJOB to an undercover officer, in exchange for $10. The woman, age 36, was arrested on Lakewood Terrace for solicitation. She wore a denim dress and brown clogs. Also, her teeth are crooked.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Altanta police reports and are public reports.??

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