The Blotter January 14 2009

DRUNK and CHATTY: Around midnight, a 28-year-old man was kicked out of a bar on Roswell Road for allegedly trying to fight with the bar owner and employees. Outside the bar, the man reportedly told a police officer, "You're not a cop, you're a fucking pussy," and "You're a fucking coward," and "You're a fat piece of shit." The officer told him to leave. Another man on crutches apologized for his friend (the cursing man) and said they would go to the corner to wait for a taxi. A few minutes later, a taxi pulled up but apparently the cursing man didn't get in. "I heard [him] yell 'motherfucker' and charge at me with both hands clenched in a fist," the reporting officer wrote. The man allegedly collided with the officer and tried to hit him. After a struggle, the officer arrested the man. Meanwhile, his friend — the man on crutches — hobbled up to the officer and asked what he could do to get the officer to drop the charges. Nothing, the officer said. The friend said the officer should just let the man go, because he is a "drunk white kid and that's what they do." The officer wrote, "I am currently unaware of any statute in Georgia Law that permits you to attack a Law Enforcement Officer, or any person for that matter, based on your sobriety or race."

FUNNY MONEY: A bearded man in a brown coat ordered food and drinks at a bar/restaurant on Peachtree Street. But he refused to pay his tab, an officer wrote. "[The man] did give the waitress a hand-written $100 bill he made on a sheet of paper, still refusing to pay," an officer wrote. The man was arrested for disorderly conduct.

CASH COOLDOWN: A 39-year-old man said he recently withdrew $10,000 for payroll from a bank — and put the money inside a cooler in his van. (The Blotter Diva wonders: With that logic, would the man put beer in a safe?) The man said he stopped at a gas station on Howell Mill Road and went inside to make a small purchase. The man said he was only in the store for about 10 minutes. (Wait for it... here it comes.) He said when he returned, the money was missing from the cooler. No suspects. The man lives on Picketts Forge Drive in Acworth.

TATTOO YOU: At Lenox Square, a 27-year-old man allegedly stole a woman's shopping bag filled with clothes. She had put the bag down at Sunglass Hut. "The crime is shown clearly on camera," an officer wrote. The man allegedly punched a mall security guard who tried to stop him. The woman said she didn't want to prosecute the man for stealing because she was leaving for military service. The man was charged with simple battery (for allegedly punching the guard). The tattoo on his left arm reads "Forgive me for my sins."

DAIRY QUEEN? On New Town Circle, a 26-year-old woman said someone spray-painted "Got milk?" on her white Chevy Impala. She suspects her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. She didn't personally see the ex-girlfriend in the act, but she firmly believes the ex is responsible because of an ongoing feud with her boyfriend.

HOME ALONE: A woman said she was suffering from depression over losing her home on Sloan Circle. She said the back door is broken and she believes her neighbor stole stuff from her home — but she doesn't have any witnesses. She said the thefts happened over a period of time and she didn't notice until she did an inventory. Items reported missing include: socks, washing powder, dish detergent, face cream, a bathing suit, a pair of long-johns, underwear, her class yearbook and her class picture.

STAND IN THE PLACE WHERE YOU ARE: A 35-year-old Roswell man was smoking a cigarette while standing in front of a car on Boulevard at I-20. A driver had to maneuver around the man, an officer noted. The officer asked the man why he was standing in the road. "He told me that it is his constitutional right to stand in the middle of the street if he wants to and I should leave him alone," the officer wrote. "[He] did not appear to be of sound mind...." The man went to jail.

DRUNK CANUCK? At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, an officer got to a call about a drunk man at Gate A-31. The man was reportedly "semi-coherent." Apparently, the man told medics he took some pills for pain and had a little something to drink. Medics decided the man should go to a hospital for observation. The officer looked in the man's jacket for ID and found $2,201 cash. Apparently, the man wasn't so semi-coherent about his moola. The officer asked him how much money was in his wallet. "I got $2,200," the man answered. The 42-year-old man hails from Ontario, Canada.

FRENCH FRY FREAKOUT: A 30-year-old man allegedly threw french fries at employees of a Wendy's restaurant on Marietta Boulevard. Apparently, the man got an order to go, and after he left, he called the restaurant and said his french fries were missing. An employee said the man returned and she gave him french fries and a refund. Then, the man allegedly threw fries across the counter and yelled obscenities at the employees. Also, he demanded free food for himself and his kids, according to employees. Apparently, the man left when he realized police were coming. Officers found him on Defoors Ferry Road. He went to jail.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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