Add It Up - Fire and brimstone

Number of Januarys in recorded history that were warmer than January 2006; 0

Degrees warmer, in Fahrenheit, of this January vs. the average January of the past 110 years; 8.5

Number of past years warmer than 2005, including years with the warming El Niño phenomenon; 0

Age of George C. Deutsch, who was appointed by the Bush White House as a NASA press aide; 24

Number of years NASA's James Hansen has been warning of the global warming dangers of greenhouse gas emissions; 18

Number of days after a New York Times story detailed Deutsch's attempts to silence Hansen on the topic of greenhouse gases and global warming that Deutsch resigned from NASA; 9

Number of evangelical preachers who signed a letter asking that the National Association of Evangelicals not take a stance on global warming; 22

Number of Christian leaders who on Feb. 8 formed the Evangelical Climate Initiative, which is funding a national ad campaign calling for a reduction in greenhouse gases; 86

Of those 86, the number who are from Georgia; 3

Sources: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, the New York Times, National Evangelical Association, Evangelical Environmental Network