Time and Place: Fair life

Atlanta Fair 2010

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Photo credit: Dustin Chambers
JC and Savannah setting up for the Atlanta Fair 2010

This photo was taken at the site of the Atlanta Fair one day before the official opening of the event.  By good fortune I met JC and Savannah — a father and daughter team who travel around the region with their ferris wheel to various carnivals — and caught them and their team as they were setting up.  This photo is of Savannah readying herself to catch a box of delicate lightbulbs, ready to be installed into the lower section of the wheel.  I've gone to photograph and get to know the duo a couple of times now and they are incredibly kind, hard-working individuals.  They work various games at the fair during its operating hours and sleep at night in the bed of a semi on the site of the fair for the month duration of the carnival. Then they'll pack the ferris wheel up and head on out to the next fair.

(Photo by Dustin Chambers)