Augusta restaurateur to brown thrasher: Go to hell

Augusta restaurateur starts movement to change Georgia state bird from the brown thrasher to the chicken.

Chris Cunningham is on a mission to get the Georgia state bird changed from the brown thrasher to the chicken.  Shocking no one (except maybe the worthless slack-jawed brown thrasher), alcohol was involved when the idea came to him.

"I've got a lot of brown thrashers in my back yard; they're all over the place," said Chris Cunningham, president of the company that operates eight Wife Saver restaurants in Georgia and South Carolina.  "My wife and I, we sit on the patio and have a cocktail and we were sitting there thinking, 'what a waste.' The brown thrasher is the state bird, and what's it ever done for the state of Georgia?"

The brown thrasher, Cunningham says, "hasn't done anything. It's a pretty bird, nothing against the brown thrasher, but the chicken brings millions of dollars."

Cunningham is so incensed with that ornithological abortion known as the brown thrasher that he has started a website called, we kid you not, flipthebirds.com.

Scanning the list of other Georgia state symbols, we shudder to think of what is to come for the green tree frog, the pogo possum or the gopher tortoise---that lazy, mark-ass gopher tortoise.

Oh and by the way, the official Georgia state agriculture?  Poultry.