“Lost” issue of David magazine recovered by former employees

The “lost” issue of LGBT nightlife publication is recovered by former employees and posted on David’s Facebook page.

Longtime LGBT nightlife magazine David (along with Southern Voiceshut down on Monday but there was still one David issue left on the computers ready to hit the streets. What to do?

How about calling in the Red Dog Unit and raiding the building Eagle-style?!

Okay well it wasn’t that dramatic, but Project Q Atlanta has the real story:

Staffers at David had already put their Nov. 19 issue to bed, meaning it was produced and ready to print in advance of hitting the street Thursday. As we now know, it never made it.

But former employees recovered the files on Wednesday when the company allowed them back into the office to remove their personal belongings. And they posted them to David’s Facebook page, allowing a look at the lost issue of the magazine.

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