Goodbye Southern Voice, hello GA Voice

Former Southern Voice staffers held a meeting tonight to decide and announce the name of a new LGBT news publication: GA Voice.

Three names were put on the board: GA Voice, GA Independent and GA Compass.  The votes were counted and the hands went back down.  They voted overwhelmingly for one choice.

"And we have a new name."

With that proclamation tonight by Southern Voice founder Chris Cash, a standing room only crowd of former SoVo employees and supporters broke into applause, and Day One of GA Voice began.

The movement to start a new LGBT news outlet began Nov. 16, the day that SoVo and David magazine shut down.  Former SoVo editor Laura Douglas-Brown and Cash immediately got to work on a new publication, and just four days later issued a statement announcing the creation of a website that would address the latest news on where the publication was headed.

Donations poured in, most importantly a $12,000 matching grant from the Lloyd E. Russell Foundation, and the details of tonight's community meeting at First Existentialist Congregation were announced.

Cash and Douglas-Brown made opening statements then took questions from the audience where several issues were addressed.  Yes, there will be an online and print edition.  And yes, they need more money.