Omnivore - Wrecking Bar Brewpub on the way

New pub will open in the Spring


  • www.wreckingbarbrewpub.com

Here's some good news. The much anticipated Wrecking Bar Brewpub was approved for a liquor license today. It will not be opening until Spring, but if you've followed recent accounts of the agonies of liquor licensing in our fair city, you know this is an important step.

Located at 292 Moreland Ave. in Little Five Points, the brewpub will occupy the downstairs level of a home built in 1900. In 1970, the building became the Wrecking Bar Architectural Antiques store, an absolute marvel during its early years. I bought two stained-glass windows there that I toted around for two decades before selling them.

The building has been vacant since 2005, I believe, when the Wrecking Bar went out of business. Kudos to new owners Bob and Kristine Sandage for saving the building, whose renovation will also include a special-events facility.

You can learn more by visiting the link above or the Wrecking Bar's Facebook page.