Omnivore - Some things are holy, others are dirty

Dining cheap at Holy Taco, Republic Social House & Six Feet Under


I had a restful dinner on the terrace at Holy Taco last Monday night. I didn't order my usual torta with short ribs, instead opting for a quesadilla filled with chorizo, corn kernels, fingerling potatoes, caper berries and mascarpone cheese.

It didn't quite measure up to other dishes I've sampled there. I didn't come across a single caper berry and the chorizo exuded so much oil that the bottom tortilla tore on its way to my mouth.

I also ordered my favorite elote - grilled corn with spicy mayo and queso fresco.

We dined the Sunday evening before at Six Feet Under. Sunday is a good day to visit any restaurant in the Jane complex and its neighboring building, since you can actually find a parking space most of the time. Normally, I end up driving in circles and leave.

I ordered shrimp and grits at Six Feet Under. It's an extra-spicy version with bits of hot peppers and corn. Service was great, even when I knocked over my glass of tonic water, drenching the server. She repeatedly told me "it's no problem." I think I tipped enough to cover the service and her laundry tab.


We also dined recently at the Republic Social House, also at The Jane. The restaurant was hosting its Thursday "Dirty South Trivia" game. The website describes it this way:

Q: What's the best Trivia night in Atlanta?
A: Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll with Dirty South Trivia at the Republic! This night is serious fun! Questions range from geeky obscurities that only the nerdy would know, to music and lifestyle questions which you may be ashamed to know.

Our food? Middlin'. I was craving a grilled-cheese sandwich. I ordered the Ultimate with five cheeses: Swiss, American, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Provolone. Plus bacon and tomato. The gooey-good layer of cheese was surprisingly thin for such a concotion. Wayne ordered the better choice — the smoked-turkey wrap with tomato bisque shown here.

Whatever, the vibe is great.