Omnivore - You can really taste the grass-fed beef

Lunch at Farm Burger


The boys and I lunched at Farm Burger in Buckhead last week. I visited the Decatur location soon after its opening and found some problems - not very flavorful grass-fed beef that was overwhelmed by the exotic toppings.

I’m glad to report those problems seem to have disappeared. All three of us ordered the same thing this time - the “No. 5,” whose toppings include a bacon-pimento-onion marmalade, arugula, and goat cheese from Belle Chevre in Alabama. Loved it. The burger’s flavor was strong and unmasqueraded by the condiments. Check out the bitter snap of the arugula punched by a sweet note from the marmalade.

The staff was notably cool. I haven’t seen that many people smile at once since Mittens was kicked to the curb.