Omnivore - The Glutton at Large: Atlanta sushi roundup

Sushi Huku, Tomo, Taka, and Sushi House Hayakawa


  • James Camp
  • SUPER FRESH: Sushi Huku’s nigiri assortment

Last February, before departing for the left coast, Besha Rodell wrote about the void MF Sushi’s closing created and posed the question: Where do you go for good sushi in Atlanta? A little more than a year later, I have an answer. While each of these restaurants has been around for many years and are all known for sourcing top-tier fish, two have transformed, while the others have solidified their elite status.

When Sushi Huku changed hands a couple of years ago, the restaurant’s customer base was skeptical about the young new Korean chef, Jerome “Jey” Oh, whose parents run the front of the house. Would Huku hold its place among Atlanta’s elite? Was this kid any good?

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