Omnivore - Community to celebrate late chef Ria Pell's birthday

Girls and boys to go wild and remember Ria Pell at Mary's next Monday


The don't-miss event Monday is a celebration of the life of chef and restaurant owner Ria Pell, who died last November. Pell was owner of Ria's Bluebird and Sauced. The event will start at 8 p.m. at Mary's in East Atlanta Village.

Not much discussed, if at all, in the many remembrances of Ria Pell was her complete openness as a libertine. It's one of the things I liked most about her - and made quite a few others uncomfortable. Out of deference to the latter and those who believe death should be sugar-coated, I'll not recount our several conversations about gender, sexuality, and performance.

But do note that the poster promoting Monday's event features the art of much-celebrated erotic artist Tom of Finland. Kinda hot?

Here's an email announcing and explaining the event in greater detail:

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Beloved community pillar and chef Ria Pell will be celebrated in her style, with a dance party at Mary's. "Log Jam" was the occasional "late night make-out party" that Pell - aka DJ Hawg Tied - hosted over several years.

In honor of her birthday on Monday March 10, family and friends will come together for a night of fellowship, revelry and lumberjacks. True to the style of Pell's "Log Jam," the night will feature macho performances, hot go-go boys, and shot specials. Dancing and making out will be encouraged by the music of DJ Vicki Powell, DJ Ree de la Vega, and DJ Reacharound.

Additionally, there will be "Log Jam" memorial t-shirts, tighty whities, and hankies for sale, as well as a video booth for attendees to record their stories of the late Pell - so bring your stories, your hottest outfits, and some cash!

"Log Jam: The Revival" starts at 8pm, at Mary's in East Atlanta, no cover. 21+ only.

How 'bout y'all expand your horizons and go. There are plenty of restaurants in the area. If it all seems too-too, you could fortify your holiness with dinner at Holy Taco beforehand.