The Last Word - 2013 in 247 words

A look back at kitchen fires, stadiums, and statues

The Falcons stayed Downtown. Arthur Blank got a deal. Nearby churches opted to sell. Kasim Reed won. So did Mary Norwood. Atlantans marched for Trayvon. Janelle Monáe went Electric. OutKast showed signs of life.

John Lewis released a graphic novel. JR visited Atlanta. Anchorman 2 transformed the city into 1980s New York.

The ATL Twins puzzled the world. Baton Bob got arrested, offended some fans, and apologized. Cheshire Bridge Road kept its red light on. Deerhunter mastered its craft. Darien Long tazed at Metro Mall. CL headed Downtown. Manuel's Tavern decided to quit cigs. The Braves decided to quit Atlanta. Cobb County stuck to its "conservative principles." Ria Pell passed away.
Piper the Beltline Cat got evicted (and found a new home). Southeast Atlanta stood up to big-box retail and developer Jeff Fuqua. Georgia State lost. And lost. Street vendors sat on the sidelines. Staplehouse chef Ryan Hidinger was diagnosed with cancer. The community responded. Warren Hill somehow stayed alive. Grady survived for yet another year. DOMA was overturned. Medicaid wasn't expanded. The AJC launched a paywall.

Thomas Watson left the Gold Dome. Dante's Down the Hatch is gone. So is Carver's Country Kitchen. The "Water Wars" raged on. Kitchen restaurants caught on fire. Chip Rogers received his golden parachute. Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn jumped in. A startup scene emerged. The SkyView started spinning. Emory President James Wagner compromised. Tracks were laid for the city's streetcar. Beverly Hall got booked. Atlanta lives to fight another day.

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