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Atlanta according to John Lewis

The longtime Atlanta congressman reflects on his favorite parts of the city he serves

Photo by Joeff Davis
Photo credit: Joeff Davis/CL
Congressman John Lewis

John Lewis needs no introduction. Just look to the towering "hero" mural of the Civil Rights Movement leader for proof of his influence. The longtime Atlanta congressman and best-selling graphic novelist spends much of his time these days fighting the good fight up on Capitol Hill. But he knows Atlanta well, including its troubled past, the change it's endured in recent decades, and what the city represents today.

Sitting on my porch is my favorite spot in the city to think deep thoughts by myself.

Antique shops are my favorite place to go chill in Atlanta.

I-285 at rush hour is the place I would advise someone to never go in Atlanta.

The best advice you could give Atlanta visitor is to be patient.

Zoo Atlanta is the best place to take the kids.

Paschal's Restaurant is my favorite place to go for munchies.

Druid Hills in early spring is my favorite place to drive in Atlanta.

The Candler Building is my favorite building.

Hank Aaron is my favorite living Atlantan.

How Downtown can be very sleepy at night is the weirdest thing about Atlanta.

The traffic is my biggest pet peeve about Atlanta.

Atlanta's motto should be "A City of Love and Peace."

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