19 restaurants good for going ham

Where to tell swimsuit season to screw off

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Ever notice how the moment you tell yourself you can’t have something — a cookie, a piece of fried chicken, a glistening Little Tart Bakeshop almond croissant, whatev — you start craving that forbidden thing like 10 times more? For most mere mortals, the arduous pursuit of a beach bod is about as enjoyable as cruising the Downtown Connector at 5 p.m. on a Friday, and you’re already five minutes late. On the other hand, some people seem to thrive almost exclusively on raw kale leaves and possess an infinite supply of self-restraint. What’s their secret? Who the hell knows. But here’s some stuff we (aka the experts) do know: Willpower is an exhaustible resource and strict dieting is often a gateway to binge eating. This is why the cheat day was invented, right? To help you stay on track in the long run and keep you from going insane? Here are 19 places totally worthy of your next (totally deliberate and self-sanctioned) cheat day.

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