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5 ways to treat yo' self (and your body)

The best spas and salons, from Killer Mike's barbershop to an underwater massage parlor

 CityGuide - Scott Chester for CL
Photo credit: Scott Chester
Jazmin Spa - Now Closed

Sure, most people are all smiles during the summer, but there’s also a considerable amount of stress. Pending vacations, family gatherings, and an endless slate of weekend events and festivals can leave natives feeling tired, sore, and ragged. Thankfully, there’s a bevy of salons, massage parlors, and even a barbershop where you can disappear for a few hours and re-emerge a new person, freshly groomed with relaxed muscles and peace of mind.

Hair Salon

If you want to find a place that will obsess over your hair the way you already do, then hit up the house that stylist Randy Addison built. Since 2003 Addison's team has been successful thanks to their school of thought that hair should be "a collaboration between you and an artist, the ultimate exp... | more...

Day Spa

Hidden among Duluth’s strip malls and congestion sits this neon-illuminated beacon of relaxation for adults and children alike. A mere $25 buys a full 24 hours of access to single-sex, clothing-optional locker rooms with steam rooms, saunas and showers. Once there, drop some extra bucks for an exfol... | more...

Hair Salon

While Salon Red has locations in Town Brookhaven and Decatur, it’s the Candler Park digs that have garnered a reputation for some of the best ladies' haircuts in town. The service doesn’t stop there: From coloring and removal to extensions and perms, clippers are just the tip of the iceberg. | more...

Barber Shop

No description provided | more...

Hair Salon

Helmet hair be gone! Van Michael's colorists and stylists are experts in their craft while also being friendly and laid-back. A go-to salon for any new look you've been thinking about. | more...


The list above first appeared in the 2015 CL Cityguide and was updated by CL Staff recently.