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2 places to work up a sweat

A quick tour of ATL workout spots with the best soundtrack

Courtesy Vibe Ride for CityGuide
Photo credit: Courtesy Vibe Ride

Exercise gets a bad rap sometimes — maybe it’s the sweat, maybe it’s the pain part of the no-pain-no-gain mantra. Lately, though, plenty of local and national exercise studios are infusing their classes with off-the-wall tunes that span multiple genres and make working out feel a lot less like work. Check out some of the Atlanta studios to dance off the pounds.

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While Rhythm Rides focus on interval training in time with particular beat, Remix Rides at this Midtown cycling studio revolve around rotating soundtracks. Cyclers can toast champagne after an all-Drake ride or throw it back to the ’90s with creative playlists that change every week. | more...

The list above first appeared in the 2015 CL Cityguide and was updated by CL Staff recently.