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Atlanta according to Jen Hidinger

Co-founder of Staplehouse and the Giving Kitchen reveals where to find the best breakfast in town and more

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Photo credit: Eric Cash
Jen Hidinger

When she’s not busy giving out hugs at the restaurant she helped create or helping hospitality workers in tight situations, Jen Hidinger enjoys getting out in the city and appreciating it all. Her dual roles as business manager at Staplehouse and spokesperson for the Giving Kitchen keep her on the hustle (and on our list of 20 People to Watch in 2016), but she shared a few local spots where she likes to sightsee, dine, and unwind in her spare time.

Atlanta’s motto should be “Visit once, stay for life.”

Something I know about Atlanta that nobody else knows is there is a street in Chosewood Park (right by Grant Park) called Climax St. The street itself is pretty sketchy; however, the view of the city is by far the most amazing.

The best advice you could give Atlanta visitor is: Make sure to visit all the small and unique neighborhoods around ATL. With all the local artists making an imprint on this town on the sides of buildings and under bridges, it makes for one hell of a unique visual ride when driving or biking around town. The art alone is worth a long drive around the city.

Team Hidi (of course!) is my favorite Atlanta annual event.

Grant Park, Cabbagetown, and the Old 4th Ward are my favorite neighborhoods.

Kimball House and BoccaLupo are my favorite places to go for munchies.

Take me to the mountains on my birthday.

The first 3 words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are hospitality, community and heat!

Home Grown has the best breakfast in Atlanta.

The tearing down of old beautiful buildings is the weirdest thing about Atlanta.

The Atlanta of the future includes a better transit system.

My favorite place to unwind after a long day is home with my dogs and boyfriend. A good walk around the neighborhood is #2.