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Atlanta according to Ricky Raw

The bass music ambassador was born for this

Ricky Raw
Photo credit: Dylan York
Ricky Raw

His mamma named him Ricky Rothstein, but out here on the streets he’s better known as Ricky Raw — rapper, producer, entrepreneur, et al. You heard his voice rapping about 808 boom-bap in Jesse Pinkman’s house in AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” And as one-third of the bass-heavy hip-hop trio Mighty High Coup, he’s dropped bass bombs on stages across the city. He’s also the chief architect behind Edgewood Avenue’s annual 404 Day, a celebration of all facets of Atlanta’s creative culture, and 808 Fest, a celebration of all bass everything.

The first 3 words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are “Southern,” Playalistic, and Cadillacmusicoforyurtrunk.

Heavyweight Audio’s full rig is my favorite sound system in Atlanta. Pure Groove cannot go without mention as well.

Iris Saturdays has the best crowd after midnight. However, on Edgewood Ave, I suggest the Music Room and the Graveyard in EAV.

Something I know about Atlanta that nobody else knows is that Home Grown the restaurant used to be called Mami’s Kitchen and I ate there with my great grandmother when I was like 5.

Within one’s self is the best place to find inspiration in Atlanta. I have been getting into yoga.

My favorite place to get an iced coffee is Aurora Coffee with Chad Rad.

#TRAPANESE at Terminal West is my favorite Atlanta event. Huge shouts to A3C and Imagine Festival as well. I am inspired by all of these!

My favorite Atlanta DJ is Sofa King.

My favorite neighborhood is everything on the east side of 85. Edgewood to EAV!

Lottafrutta is Atlanta’s best-kept secret.

The Sun Dial is where I like to go when I get real high.

Please take me to Hawaii on my birthday.

Four Atlanta musicians I follow are Wes Green, J Padron, Kato, and HPNTK.

Killer Mike is my favorite living Atlantan.

The weirdest thing about Atlanta is the diversity from block to block — creative crackheads, overpriced cookie cutter condos, and multi-million dollar mansions all within three blocks of each other.

My favorite place to eat and drink too much is Bonelick BBQ EDGEWOOD! This place is like fucking cheers. Cheers.

Parking is my biggest pet peeve about Atlanta.

The Atlanta of the future includes more opportunities for emerging artists to get bigger and better-produced shows in Atlanta and on the road. I have recently aligned myself with a couple new partners whose main business focus is highlighting new talent.

I decided to make Atlanta my home because ... I was born here. I never really had a choice. FILA.

The best advice I could give to someone who’s visiting Atlanta for the first time is hit the Uber button, call A-Bomb, and tell him you want to go to Follies.