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Atlanta according to Sean Fahie

The artist and man-about-town has lots of love for Cabbagetown and local creatives

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Photo credit: Mia Yakel
Sean Fahie

In 2014, Creative Loafing named artist and man-about-town Sean Fahie Best Local Renaissance Man in our annual Best of Atlanta issue. You see, Sean doesn’t stop. He’s always working on something — a book, a painting, a movie, a radio show (The Influencers Present), a summer party series (Pretty Sweet Party), a cold drink. When he takes a second to chill, you can usually find him on the bench in front of Little’s in his beloved Cabbagetown.

The first three words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are we’re getting there. lol

The helipad on top of the W Hotel Downtown (can’t say how I got up there, but it’s by far the best view of the city) is my favorite view in Atlanta.

Any pool I can sneak into, because sneaking in is half the fun, is my favorite place to go when it’s crazy hot.

Something I know about Atlanta that nobody else knows is there is always something to do if you are willing to go and find it.

The bench in front of Little’s is the best place to find inspiration in Atlanta.

My favorite nature spot in Atlanta is the bench in front of Little’s.

I have a lot of favorite events, but I would have to say that Pretty Sweet Party and WERC Crew’s Whine party are 2 that I enjoy getting my dance on at.

My favorite Atlanta building is the archive building off of Freedom Parkway. It’s the big white building with no windows. Not for its architectural design, but for the fact that I had no clue what the hell that building was there for, for the longest time.

Hands down Cabbagetown is my favorite neighborhood.

The Influencers Present on is the city’s best-kept secret.

Please take me to Jeju Sauna (cause I haven’t been yet) and then Octopus Bar on my birthday.

Exploring the streets is the best place to see art in Atlanta.

Three Atlanta artists I follow are Vek Neal, Brandon Sadler, FRKO (I know a lot of dope artists, though, so I hope no one feels left out. I’m a fan of a lot of people).

My favorite living Atlantan — I gotta give Chilly-O that.

The fact that people keep looking outside of the city for creatives when there is a plethora of them right here in the city is the weirdest thing about Atlanta. Support your local creatives.

My favorite place to eat and drink too much is at a friend’s house and we get to sit together and talk with one another. But shout out to Jack’s Pizza for the cheap beers and patio.

The fact that everywhere in the downtown area is starting to look like a giant Atlantic Station is my biggest pet peeve about Atlanta. Come on Atlanta.

The Atlanta of the future includes a better transit system. More people on bikes. Less buildings that look exactly like the last building that was just put up.

I decided to make Atlanta home because it’s a place where you can get both nature and city. It can be fast paced if you want, but if you have a porch you can just sit and enjoy your surroundings.

The best advice I could give an Atlanta visitor is find a bar, meet a local, and go exploring.