NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Rose Hotel's 'Wistfully'

The Bowling Green transplant gets sentimental with the latest single from her 'Always A Good Reason' EP

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Photo credit: Courtesy Public Display PR
Rose Hotel's 'Always A Good Reason' EP is out Aug. 25 via the Fir Trade Records.

Bowling Green, Kentucky transplant Rose Hotel, aka Jordan Reynolds, has revealed "Wistfully," the latest single from her debut EP, Always A Good Reason, out August 25 via the Fir Trade Records.

Reynolds is a former singer and keyboard player with the bucolic psychedelic rock outfit Buffalo Rodeo. On the heels of releasing the EP's first single, "Honestly," she follows suit with a sentimental number that's all about remembering who you are after a long relationship has come to an end. Her gently gliding guitar melody and drowsy voice wrap around each other in a wash of thick reverb and electric lap steel stings. It's enough to melt the heart of anyone within earshot.

Rose Hotel plays the Little Vinyl Lounge underneath the Star Bar on Fri., Aug. 18. With Jeffrey Butzer's Ant Lodge (variety show) starring Riley Pinkerton & Henry Black and Dirty Titty feat. Molly Harvey of the Residents and Michael Goldman. $5. 8:30 p.m. 437 Moreland Ave. www.starbar.net.