Naomi Punk plays 529 Oct. 2

The Pacific Northwest art-punk trio brings the wild wanderings of ‘Yellow’ to the Southeast

Thank goodness for Olympia, Washington. It’s not only the gritty gray capital city of our Northwesternmost contiguous state, it’s also a reliable breeding ground for artistic independence, DIY music, and just-plain-weird rock ???n’ roll. Take, for example, veteran Oly trio Naomi Punk, who has made an admirable career out of organizing warped, skronky sounds into oddly addictive songs. The band’s new double album Yellow (Captured Tracks) is a challenging post-punk churn that buzzes and clunks and wanders and, every once in a while, crackles with some beautiful bit of muddled melody. Thank goodness for Olympia, and thank goodness for Naomi Punk.

With Egg Mogul, Trashcan, Ian Deaton. $8. 9 p.m. 529, 529 Flat Shoals Ave. SE 404-228-6769.