CL’s Best of Atlanta party poised to smolder

Not to brag, but we got kinda a super dope line-up for this year’s party.

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After marveling at the artists, activists, chefs, and business badasses who landed in this year’s issue, come celebrate them and Atlanta at CL’s Best of Atlanta party. We’ve partnered with the minds behind TomorrowWorld and Shaky Knees to pack Downtown’s historic Freight Depot with revelers, musical acts such as Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, OKCELLO, CLAVVS, Mighty High Coup, and Wolfpack ATL, and top artists selected by mural master Peter Ferrari (think Ann-Marie Manker, FRKO, Marcy Starz, Yoyo Ferro, Brandon Sadler, Jessica Caldas, Molly Rose Freeman, and many more). Throw in food from dozen of restaurants, the Imperial Opa Circus, fortune tellers, spoken word, and much more. Last year’s was a blast (pictured above). Don’t miss out this round.

CL’s Best of Atlanta party. $20-$75. 6 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 22. Georgia Freight Depot, 65 M.L.K. Jr. Dr. S.W.