After Hours Clubs

Creative Loafing's Guide to After Hours Venues

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Photo credit: Ryan Purcell
The Music Room at Midnight

After Hours Clubs

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After Hours Portal, Night Club

Aisle 5 maintains the communal philosophy of its predecessor, the Five Spot, but its guts are brand new. The 2014 renovation brought the space a new stage with an updated sound system, the better to enjoy Aisle 5's roster of indie rock, hip hop, and other music acts. | more...

Night Club, After Hours Portal, Live Music Club

After Hours Portal, Bar or Pub, Night Club

Beep Beep Gallery's Mark Basehore and James McConnell joined forces with two Brooklynites to open this gastropub. The back patio is an excellent place to hang out, if you can elbow your way through the crowded bar area and find a table. Regular DJ nights and dinner specials, including $2 tacos, tequ... | more...

Night Club, After Hours Portal, Live Music Club

This mega-nightclub feels kind of like a resort, with several indoor and outdoor environments, including a pool area (swimming, not billiards). A great spot for dancing, chilling, or the chance celebrity sighting. | more...

Late Night Food, After Hours Portal, Bar or Pub, Night Club, Live Music Club

Cheap beer, pool tables, and fried food are the pillars of this dingy Midtown strip mall dive. Conveniently located next to Landmark Midtown, this is the perfect place to throw back a few after catching a flick on a Friday night. | more...