‘APARTOGETHER’ fuses perspectives

Lisa Shinault and Phoebe A. Maze put the pieces together in their brainchild exhibit at Galeria Regina opening on July 7

Music At Time Home (1)
Photo credit: Mike Jensen
MOTHER TIME: Artwork “Music At Time Home,” finished earlier this year, combines oil on canvas with sealed yarn & burlap, acrylic, vinyl, and wood.

Two artists become one in “APARTOGETHER,” an exhibition of painting and sculpture at Galeria Regina, which is on display through Aug. 11. Surrounding the studio is scenic Oakhurst, the right-leg of Decatur that’s peppered with shops, cafes, and post-World War II homes. Lisa Shinault, under her artist alias LiShinault, links up with Phoebe A. Maze to merge diverse perspectives at a gallery that recently celebrated its first birthday. Maze has a keen focus on Temple imagery with regards to gods, governments, people, nature, the dead, and protection. Her last installation, “It takes a Village,” presents 23 clay mid-fired Temples with numerous glazing techniques on a wooden hillside and was featured at Cashin’s Sculpture garden. LiShinault threads together puzzle-like sheets of canvas after cutting them up first. Her latest works are variegated with glass, collage, and exploration of people and mythical animals. Whether alone or with a group, come together to see, hear, and breathe in what this duo has produced.
5-9 p.m.. Thurs., July 7. Galeria Regina, 409 Mead Road. Unit 5. www.galeriaregina.com/. 404-431-7525 (cell) or 404-881-9968 (home).

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