Bomba Estéreo play the Masquerade Aug. 9

Dance the night away to cumbia house jams

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Photo credit: Courtesy Next Level Agency
SOY YO: Bomba Estéreo plays the Masquerade on Thurs., Aug. 9.

Founded in 2005 by Bogotá native Simón Mejía, Bomba Estéreo has since become a team effort featuring Mejía mixing beats and playing keys alongside lead vocalist Liliana “Li” Saumet. The group's fifth studio release, Ayo, arrived in August 2017, anchored in traditional Colombian instrumentation but mixed with African guitars, experimental percussion, and legendary tales, fueling their Spanish-English lyrics. Together, Mejía and Saumet make infectious party music, with some calling their hit “Soy Yo” a Latinx anthem for self-love and expression. The group’s presence in techno and psych Latin rock has been recognized by festival giants such as Glastonbury, Coachella, Austin City Limits, and Lollapalooza. Make the most of these last summer nights and check out rave-inducing Bomba Estéreo.

$25. 7 p.m. (doors). Thurs., August 9. The Masquerade, 75 Martin Luther King Jr Drive S.W. 404-577-8178. www.masq.com.

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