Lust List 2020 - Brigitte Bidet

Brigette Bidet
Photo credit: Savana Ogburn
Brigitte Bidet

You’ve seen her hosting the party, but can you host hers? Must be willing to sell your soul, worship her hourly, and kill in the name of Brigitte Bidet. Or just take a girl to One Eared Stag for exotic meats.


2.Astrological sign?
4.Instagram handle?
6.Sexual orientation ?
7.What do you sleep in?
8.What three things would you take to a desert island?
9.Where would you take a first date?
10.One thing you’ve always wanted to do, but prob won’t?
11.What tattoo would you put on someone else? And who?
12.What’s the secret TV show you watch but don’t tell anyone about?
13.Beauty tip?
14.Do you pee with the door open?
15.Celeb crush?
16.Shower or bath? Morning or before going to bed?
17.How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?
18.Deodorant or BO?
19.Fav thing about yourself?
20.The biggest misconception about you?
21.Do you French your dog?
22.In one word, what do you want people to know about you?
23.Astrology or religion?
24.Your favorite form of communication?
25.Sex, booze, drugs: Name in order of importance.

1. 31.

2. Taurus.

3. Little 5 Points.

4. @brigittebidet.

5. Drag queen.

7.  Nothing.

8.  Cleanser, moisturizer, SPF.

9.  One Eared Stag.

10.  Hook up with my best friend Ember.

13.  If someone doesn’t accept you for who you are, change everything about yourself.

14.  There’s a door?

15.  Brigitte Bidet.

16.  Just do it, y’all.

17.  Too long. But I get paid to do it.

20.  It’s a wig.

21.  Ew. What?

22.  Gay.

23.  Yoga at Tough Love.

24.  Send pics.