Lust List 2020 - DJ Barbie Corvette

DJ Barbie Corvette
Photo credit: Courtesy of DJ Barbie Corvette
DJ Barbie Corvette

This Pornhub performer will make all your sex dreams come true, on or offline. Must be willing to shower this Barbie with 24/7 attention before she goes looking for love in all the wrong places. Not for the faint of heart.



2.Astrological sign?
4.Instagram handle?
6.Sexual orientation ?
7.What do you sleep in?
8.What three things would you take to a desert island?
9.Where would you take a first date?
10.One thing you’ve always wanted to do, but prob won’t?
11.What tattoo would you put on someone else? And who?
12.What’s the secret TV show you watch but don’t tell anyone about?
13.Beauty tip?
14.Do you pee with the door open?
15.Celeb crush?
16.Shower or bath? Morning or before going to bed?
17.How long does it take you to get ready for a night out?
18.Deodorant or BO?
19.Fav thing about yourself?
20.The biggest misconception about you?
21.Do you French your dog?
22.In one word, what do you want people to know about you?
23.Astrology or religion?
24.Your favorite form of communication?
25.Sex, booze, drugs: Name in order of importance.

1. Face of a teen, body of a woman.

2. Libra.

3. Inman Park.

4. djbarbiecorvette.

5. Heartbreaker/MILF in training.

6. Painfully straight but also open and ready. Relationship status: sampling.

7.  Your man’s bed.

8.  I can’t pack attention so ... I guess, sunscreen.

9.  Someplace nice and quiet where you can just tell me how pretty and funny I am all night.

10.  I’ll do whatever and whoever I want.

11.  I’m thrilled to finally have a moment to let Atlanta know: I would love if anyone was willing to get my face as a cute little cherub anywhere on their body.

12.  The news.

13.  I really wish I could help. ...

14.  Not for free.

15.  Billy Idol.

16.  (See answer to 18, below.)

17.  I start by taking a bath with milk and rose petals. I then run through my apartment to air dry (also how I work out). I then oil up my entire body so I’m real slippery. Slippery as my grip on reality. I might open a bottle of wine while I do my makeup. Or maybe just make a small sacrifice to the dark lord. But it’s usually just me staring at myself or dancing until it’s time to slide on whichever thigh-high boot I choose for that night. So maybe an hour at most.

18.  I haven’t been able to smell since the accident.

19.  I know that if I were alive in the ’80s, I would have been in a White Snake video, and I love that about myself.

20.  That if we’re dating, you’re my only boyfriend.

21.  Not for free.

22.  T&A.

23.  I love a good Virgin Mary, but I love being able to blame any bad traits more on being a Libra.

24.  Oral.