THE MOVE: Plan Accordingly - March 2020

Hey, y’all! What’s the move?

Ilana Glazer 8
YOUR VOTE COUNTS: Comedian Ilana Glazer is in the motherf*cking A this weekend and is throwing a dance party at The Mammal Gallery March 7.

As this was posted prior to concerns regarding the global coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, please check to see if these events are still occurring. Be safe. Be healthy. Wash your hands.

The Move is a column intended to help you beat the fight against basic, one move at a time. Look here for all the best underground events in ATL. Bc you CAN have a balanced diet of disco AND yoga. Warning of side effects: Overdose of culture. Exposure to high levels of Queerdom. Bloated bank account from lack of overpriced ticket consumption. Absorb content at your own risk.

Come out and thaw out, my Spring Bithkitz! Hope you’re into nostalgia bc some of The Moves in March are inspired by it, with hints of TMI about my youth and sexuality. Nostalgia is a forever trend that I’m … 1,000 percent on board with! Sounds from my hometown hit the Westside, two nights of Blood Orange and evocative R&B vibes at Variety Playhouse, and the resurgence of a popular TV show has the host on a national comedy tour.

Also, two very real possibilities to get up-close, possibly personal, with Ilana Glazer and audio engineering 101 for less than 20 doll hairs. Buckle up! We’re making moves, y’all. Psst...Xtra! Xtra! Weed all about my podcast, “Friends in High Places


Genny Social hosted by Ilana Glazer — Ilana Glazer is in Atlanta, not once, but two nights back-to-back to promote voter turnout. First stop, Mammal Gallery for a “Genny Social.” Genny Socials were created by Generator Collective co-founders Ilana Glazer and Glennis Meagher. Basically, they want to throw a dance party at each tour stop to educate and spread the good word about how politics really work.

Y’all might remember Glazer from the hit Comedy Central show, Broad City, where she and co-star Abbi Jacobson took us on adventures through the minds of Millennials, and helped change the global word ‘yes’ to “yaaaassss queen.” Glazer realized her own definition of queer while working on the show, helping her live her true queerself post-Broad City. I’d like to thank Glazer for her service on the show. I related so much to Glazer’s character, I finally came out as a bi-sexual in my late 20s. For me, previous to Broad City, admitting to being bi in the South only attracted toxic, hetero cis males looking for gangbangs.

$18.79. 7 p.m.-midnight. Food Court, Mammal Gallery, 682 Murphy Ave. S.W., #3064. 678-744-7095. [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[|

Can’t make the Genny Social? Glazer is also performing her latest stand-up, “Horny 4 Tha Polls,” at the Tabernacle, Sunday, March 8. BE. THERE.

$35-$49+, 7:30 p.m. Tabernacle, 152 Luckie St. N.W. 404-659-9022.


Blood Orange at Variety Playhouse — Dare I say Blood Orange gives me hints of Prince?! Reminiscent of R&B with experimental twists, is what makes up English singer, songwriter, record producer, and director Devonté Hynes, aka Blood Orange. The songs are chill, touch on old-school emotions, with graceful videos to go along. Fans of Flying Lotus and Tyler, The Creator need to see Swan House Presents: Blood Orange at Variety Playhouse, including the opener, Columbian-Canadian singer Tei Shi.

Blood Orange comes with talent and street cred from working with artists like Solange Knowles, A$AP Rocky, Florence and the Machine, Kylie Minogue, Blondie, and Mariah Carey. Hidden gem alert! Zero Mile Presents is giving away a pair of tickets to Tuesday night’s show. First person to DM Creative Loafing’s Instagram mentioning this giveaway gets the tix! @creativeloafingatlanta

$34.50-$55. All ages. 7 p.m. Variety Playhouse, 1099 Euclid Ave. N.E. 404-524-7354.


Grrrl Justice: A Film Screening & Discussion! — Feed your brain with a movie night at Bakie! Southern Fried Queer Pride brings “Grrrl Justice,” for Cinequeer Movie Night. The experimental narrative short explores the rising rates of girls and queer youth of color in the juvenile justice system, applying the lenses of gender and sexuality.

The film’s creator, Shontina Vernon, will be at the event for a discussion of the film and its themes. Vernon is an accomplished grassroots artist in film, theatre, and music, with a passion for educating.

Free. All ages. 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. The Bakery Atlanta, 825 Warner St. S.W.


Lunch and Learn: Discovering the BeltLine’s Native Plants — Attention, PHYTOMANIANS! Urban Forestry director at Trees Atlanta, Brian Williams, wants to teach us about green leafy thangz. Dive into the BeltLine’s past, and bring to light the importance of planting native for urban wildlife and pollinators. Psst: Every time I hear “pollinators,” my inner, dirty hippie blossoms a bit. Bc snax are important, this is a B-Y-O-lunch sitch.

If you’ve found yourself more into plants these days, or even a full-fledged phytomanian, welcome to the tribe. The sale of houseplants tripled over the last four years. I blame Pinterroist — I mean Pinterest! As a freshly minted plant mother, I’ve involuntarily mxnslaughtered many succulents and learned to enjoy phyllomania (Google it!). My fav is the purple waffle plant, even tho I sent mine to the compost after a week in an ICU sunlamp station. Side note! Did you know there are 15 types of fruit trees currently residing in East Atlanta Village? If that tickles your dandelions, give “Concrete Jungle in Atlanta” a Google. And please consider making a donation to Trees Atlanta.

Free. Noon-1 p.m. Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center, 225 Chester Ave. S.E. 404-522-4097.


Videodrome and Plaza Present an Evening with Deadly Prey Gallery — Deadly Prey Gallery is completely devoted to hand-painted posters by Ghanaian artists of popular American movies. Many of the artists had never seen said movies, and worked from just a plot summary or, more rarely, a VHS sleeve. A collaboration between Videodrome Atlanta and Deadly Prey Gallery in Chicago brings the show to Plaza Atlanta. Artists will include Heavy J, Salvation, Farkira, Mr. Nana, Stoger, Leonardo, Mr. Brew, Papa Warsti, Classic Arts, Adomako, Wise Arts, and Sly Fox Video Club. Most of the posters at this show will be for sale.

Deadly Prey Gallery founder Brian Chankin will also present one of his favorite films (and the gallery’s namesake), David A. Prior’s 1987 ultra-low budget Rambo knockoff,  Deadly Prey. Chankin will be on hand for a Q&A before the film to discuss the gallery’s background and mission.

Why is this The Move? Before one could drive, she’d get calls from the Blockbuster around the corner letting her know there was a new stash of posters being tossed out to accommodate new releases. With big dreams, nowhere near Hollywood, she would romance these posters into her imagination, as she was destined for the stage. She later developed stage fright, retiring at 16. Buy a piece of film and art for your kid, with a reminder that fear isn’t real.

Free-$15 (for Q&A and film). 6 p.m.-11:30 p.m. Plaza Atlanta, 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave. N.E. 470-410-1939. Facebook event page


Artist Skillshare Series: Live Sound Engineering 101 — Ever wonder what the guys wearing biscuits sitting FOH are doing at shows? They could be audio engineers! What’s an audio engineer?! Oh my! … I have no idea. OK, I have some idea, but not nearly as much as the Bakery’s in-house audio engineer, Daniel DeSimone.

Mix it up with DeSimone’s workshop at The Bakery Atlanta. Listen and learn the basics: names and uses of mics and cabling, types of speakers, anatomy of a PA, and mixing boards. Plus, if you aren’t getting an education at The Bakery, are you even living these days?

Suggested donation $5-20. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The Bakery Atlanta, 825 Warner St. S.W.


Am Taylor Release w/ Special Cameo Appearance by Jayne County Am Taylor’s latest project was created during a self-imposed hiatus, but she’s not alone at her next show. “I’ve been reborn many times in my life, and I’ve gone through a lot of really hardcore stuff. I’ve been through tragedies, and I’ve had to fight every day. At one point I almost died, and that’s part of my journey,” says the Atlanta-based singer-guitarist. Rising from the ashes, the transgender guitarist brings talented musicians together to perform, including Georgia’s own punk LGBTQ+ legend, Jayne County!

“I can hum a tune to her, and she can pick it out with a guitar in just seconds, she’s got this incredible knack.” — Jayne County, quoted in Please Kill Me, on working with Am Taylor.

County, 73, who happens to be from Dallas, Georgia, was rock’s first openly transgender singer. In the 1970s, County left Georgia and started Wayne County and The Electric Chairs. Producing controversial, campy hits like “(If You Don’t Wanna Fuck Me, Baby, Then) Fuck Off,” County was an early progenitor of New York’s punk rock scene, influencing the Ramones, Patti Smith, Pete Burns, and Lou Reed, and in the early ’70s, signed to MainMan, David Bowie’s management firm. County was a muse to Andy Warhol; a regular at the Stonewall Inn, participating in the 1969 riots; and ever-present at CBGB in its heyday.

$10-12. 8-12 p.m. The Earl, 488 Flat Shoals Ave. S.E. 404-522-3950.


Cash Cab’s Ben Bailey Live In Concert — Want to see what the six-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning “Cash Cab”’s Ben Bailey does when he’s not living in a lit taxi stocked with trivia secrets? He’s telling jokes! On a stage! Touring around the U.S., most specifically this month in Atlanta at Center Stage in Midtown.

Test the temp on your comedy radar by streaming Road Rage and Accidental Ornithology on Netflix, Bailey’s most recent comedy special. Earth to you. Yes, you. Are you still reading? Pay attention to Creative Loafing’s socials this month bc word on the street is Bailey might pop up with free tix for readers of The Move (kissy winky emoji).

$25-$40. 7:30 p.m. Center Stage, 1374 W. Peachtree St. N.W. 404-885-1365.


Period Packing Party! — Lend a hand with Dykes on Bikes and Sadie Hawkins at Metropolitan Studios in East Atlanta Village. How? By putting together period packs for those hemorrhaging in need, bc Aunt Flo doesn’t care about socioeconomics. Join the period-pack assembly line to pack tampons, pads, and wipes for shelters, those in need on the streets, and young people in schools. Bonus: It’s a great chance to check out Metropolitan Studios for creative courses. And … hmm, how do I explain Dykes on Bikes ... they are … dykes ... on bikes for a cause! More specifically, dykes on motorcycles … so don’t expect to join with your fixie.

Volunteer. 1-3 p.m. Metropolitan Studios, 1259 Metropolitan Ave. S.E. 404-219-2003. Facebook event page


Susto at Terminal West — “Susto” means “an intense fear understood as a condition of the soul,” a nod to some of the Cuban roots behind this project by Jason Osborne, who comes from near my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Yes, I can hear it in the music.

If we went back to the turn of the millennium, you’d catch friends & co. skipping school at Folly Beach blasting a lot of Fuel, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, with hints of new-traditional country along The Washout, a popular surf spot. At a time when surfers headed to Publix for chewing tobacco and concert tickets, Charleston’s now extinct “96 Wave Fest” would have proudly welcomed Susto, and I would’ve surfed the crowd.

Osborne’s music is reminiscent of, but not trapped in, an alt-pop-country-rock state like much of the greater Charleston-area airwaves still today. It’s almost impossible to genre-fy the flavors. Osborne gives credit all over the map, literally, from time spent in Havana to traveling around the globe. He encourages fans to have mobility: “Don’t settle for where you start.” Having spent part of my youth in Summerville, that line resonates. Look for my interview with Osborne on CL’s Instagram post-show, frans!

$18. 9 p.m. Terminal West, 887 W. Marietta St. N.W. 404-876-5566.


ARTIST SKILLSHARE SERIES: A variety of humans meet at The Bakery Atlanta for workshops from woodworking to audio engineering. Photo credit: Maggie Kane


Queer Artist Market Spring Kickoff Social — Why? Because queer means inclusive, and there’s likely something for everyone at this market affair. Shed that ashy, dry winter coat while browsing in the outdoor lot at the cutely outfitted Georgia Beer Garden.

Do not blink and miss vendors like who taught me how to build, glue and program an LED cloud!! Hells Belles will bring the vintage, WiredByP offers unique handmade jewelry, Neon Horror’s got the queer pop merch, and Kat Gomez, a recipient of the Barb Seegert Lesbian Art Grant, will sell her amazing krisply burned-wood art.

Free. All ages. Noon-4 p.m. Georgia Beer Garden, 420 Edgewood Ave. S.E. 404-458-5690. Facebook event page


Planetary Sound Immersion — A sound immersion that uses comfy recliners instead of the floor? I thought they’d never ask! This bath of sound comes with options to add to the visual journey through space by keeping those lids open, or rest them with a gifted eye mask, while sonic chefs create deliciously calming tones with pretty, decorative bowls and gongs and things you never knew the purpose of in those Lil’ 5 Points shops.

Pro Tips for Noobs:  Don’t be late to sound baths! You’ll kill it for the other ears, and likely catch a lot of side-eye, even if it’s under a mask. Get out and support Fernbank. More science in schools, less algebra. #notsponsored

$45. 5:45 p.m.-8 p.m. Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium at Fernbank Science Center, 156 Heaton Park Drive. 678-874-7102. Click here for ticket information