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CORONAVIRUS: A guide to what other media are reporting regarding the pandemic

Reports from around the city and around the world

The United States negotiates for more vaccines after initially turning down the opportunity to double its purchase of 100 million vaccines. Washington Post, 12/16/2020 article

The Food and Drug Administration is likely to authorize a second coronavirus vaccine as soon as Friday, which would greatly expand the number of doses available to Americans this year. Washington Post, 12/15/2020 article

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on reopening Georgia: ‘I remain concerned’ NPR, 5/12/2020 article

Since Georgia began ‘reopening,’ risk of exposure to coronavirus has increased 42% Walter Einenkel, Daily Kos, 5/4/2020 article

What will the future of concerts look like after the pandemic? Jim Sullivan, WBUR, 5/4/2020 article

Trump administration models predict daily death toll to nearly double by June - Live Updates, The New York Times 5/4/2020 article

The coronavirus pandemic is fracturing our notion of a truly united states in America - Donald F. Kettl, MarketWatch, 5/4/2020 article

The risk of exposure to COVID-19 in Georgia has increased by more than 40% since the state reopened for business - Kevin Murnane, Forbes, 5/4.2020 article

Listen: The Georgia Experiment - Who does the state’s reopening serve? The Atlantic, 5/1/2020 podcast

While Trump minimizes the toll, government orders 100,000 new body bags - Jonathan Allen, Phil McCausland, and Cyrus Farivar, NBC News 4/30/2020 article

Coronavirus was ‘not manmade or genetically modified’: U.S. spy  agency - Mark Hosenball, Reuters, 4/30/2020 article

Fauci warns reopening states: ‘You can’t just leap over things’- Rebecca Shabad, NBC News, April 30, 2020 article

We still don’t know how the Coronavirus is killing Us - David Wallace-Wells, NY Mag, 4/26/2020 article

Saving your health, one mask at a time (why it is important to wear a mask) - Peter Tippett, MD PhD, CEO CareMESH, 4/7/2020 / posted 4/26/2020 article

Atlanta’s mayor told people to ignore Georgia governor’s decision to reopen businesses - Eliza Relman, Business Insider, 4/24/2020 article

As Georgia reopens nail and hair salons, lawyers say companies may  be putting themselves at risk - Abby Haglage, Yahoo Life, 4/24/2020 article

You want to get out of the house? Will you bet your life on it? - Tony Paris, Creative Loafing 4/21/2020 article

Front runner for country’s dumbest governor to reopen essential bowling alleys, nail salons Friday - Bess Levin, Vanity Fair, 4/20/2020

There are four requirements for reopening the U.S. amid COVID-19. Americans won’t tolerate all of them. Peter Weber, The Week, 4/20/20 article

Most Americans reject anti-lockdown protests - Andrew Romano,Yahoo News article

Promoters want live music to return this fall. Not so fast, say medical experts - Ethan Milman, Rolling Stone, 04/17/2020 article

Free, drive-thru COVID-19 testing nowavailable in Atlanta - Rebekka Schramm, CBS-46, 4/6/2020 article

Georgia state senator Bruce Thompson, hospitalized for COVID-19, travels to his Florida vacation home - 4/2/20 article

Veteran rock guitarist Larry Campbell on battling coronavirus - Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone 4/2/20 article

More young people in the South seem to be dying from COVID-19. Why? - The Atlantic 4/2/20 article

Can coronavirus be spread through talking or breathing? - CNN 4/2/20 article & video

U.S. taxpayers paid millions to design a low-cost ventilator ... the company is selling versions of it overseas - Mother Jones 4/1/20 article

High-dose vitamin C has treated 50 moderate COVID-19 patients -Collective Evolution 4/1/20 article

Getty Museum asks people to recreate paintings with stuff at home - Sad And Useless - 3/31/20 article

Fauci predicts up to 200K deaths in U.S. - Rolling Stone 3/30/20 article

London restores Abbey Road crosswalk during coronavirus closures - Consequence of Sound 3/26/20 article

Dyson designs new ventilator in 10 days — KDVR/CNN Wire 3/26/20 article

Cheesecake Factory tells its landlords it won’t be able to pay April rent - CNN Business 3/26/20 article

Germany rolls out €50 Billion Aid Package for artists and cultural businesses, putting other countries to shame - ArtNet 3/25/20 article

Major streaming services and tech companies join MusiCares in support of COVID-19 relief fund - article

New York City death toll spikes 110% in 36 hours- NBC New York 3/25/20 article

Fed team failed to follow National Security Council’s pandemic playbook - Politico 3/25/20 article

Jimmy Carter Presidential Center asks for donations to be redirected for coronavirus relief - Axious - 3/24/20 article

Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger takes steps to protect safety of and voter integrity in Georgia - 3/24/20 article

‘A total joke:’ The US’s busiest airport is skipping coronavirus screenings - Vice 3/24/20 article

White House asnd Senate leaders reach a $2 trillion coronavirus aid package deal
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‘Bond girl’ Olga Kurylenko tests positive for coronavirus -Yahoo 3/16/20 article

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