THE MOVE: Plan Accordingly - March 2019

Hey, y’all! What’s the move?

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Photo credit: Jeff Slate
ON THE MOVE: Feb 14, 2019, Atlanta Hawks Pride Night at State Farm Arena. (Left to right: Brigitte Bidet, IV Fischer, Molly Rimswell, Taylor Alxndr, and Ema Carr.)

The Move is a column intended to help you beat the fight against the basic, one move at a time. Look here for all the best underground events in ATL. Bc you CAN have a balanced diet of disco AND yoga. Warning of side effects: Overdose of culture. Exposure to high levels of Queerdom. Bloated bank account from lack of overpriced ticket purchase. Consume at your own risk.

EXCLUSIVE: There’s a new warehouse venue opening on the Westside and we’ve got zee 411, thanks to our friends, sub*tle. First show at the new spot brings ANNA all the way from Brazil. Read on my homeskillets for the tea.

In other news ... Our Google calendars and social medias remind us, it’s Women’s History Month. Highlighting femme-centric events is the norm for this column, as it should be everywhere. Let’s consider every month “Women’s Month,” please. She is, after all, the origin of power. And sorry (not sorry), no St. Pat’s events here because, well, honestly that sh*t’s for amateurs. No offense shrug emoji.

March 7, Thursday:

From Refugee to Pop Star: Screening & Panel Discussion of Matangi/Maya/MIA On the eve of International Women’s Day, Refugee Women’s Network will host a screening inside the world of international pop superstar MIA. You might know her lyrics, but did you know her father is Arul Pragasam, a leader in Sri Lanka’s armed Tamil resistance? Me either. Or maybe I forgot. This screening shows her personal footage more than 20 years in the making. How did she go from Matangi to Maya to the star we know, MIA? IDK, let’s go find out, while supporting the Refugee Women’s Network. Win. Win. 

(The Refugee Women’s Network is a nonprofit organization, created by women for women, that inspires and equips refugee and immigrant women resettled in Georgia to become leaders in their homes, businesses, and communities.)

More than 400 volunteers converged at the Capitol on Valentine’s Day to engage with legislators and show their support and open arms for the refugees in Georgia. 5:30-8:30 p.m. Serendipity Labs Buckhead. @miamatangi; @RWNGeorgia; @BuckheadLabs

March 8, Friday:

Midnight March to Break Rape Culture

Feeling helpless? Take the rage offline, strap those boots/platforms on, and gather to resist the patriarchal oppression that is rape culture. There is something that happens when we march. The loneliness and scars feel a little less deep. Whether we are victims, or just NOT having any of that toxic patriarchal BS, the move is to march around midnightish.

March 8 has been celebrated as International Women’s Day since 1911, so what better time to march for our lives? Edgewood Avenue at 11:45 p.m. is the move, with an exact address TBD. SWERFs and TERFs are not welcome. 11:45 p.m. @AtlantaGDC

March 10 & 24 Sunday & Sunday:

Queer Yoga (All Welcome) Patrick Joseph Boston is one of Atlanta’s beloved yoginis and queer influencers, but the first thing she wants you to know is, her series of queer yoga is for every body! This is NOT your hardcore power crossfit yoga mashup, ya sweaty freaqs. JK, I recall stretching and posing, but mostly being taught effortlessly and nonscripted by Boston. I recall giggling with strangers, too, as the environment is tolerant, open, and oozing with positive energy, a spark that seems to follow Boston around day-to-day. She even provided The Move with her personal mantra, quoted below. Bring these words with you to practice and/or use in your daily routine:

“I am strong

I am beautiful

I am capable

I am in charge.”

PJB says, “It really affirms I am worthy and capable of taking risks, ‘leveling up.’ 

It reminds me I am in control of my actions and reactions, and that all things in life are temporary. Like, if I make a decision or a choice that no longer serves me, then I can simply choose to make another one.” 

+++ Free coffee from Counter Culture Coffee after class, okurrr?! Go. 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. @patrickjosephboston 

March 10, Sunday:

Sound Healing Vibrations at Healium “You will journey in serenity until stillness will descend upon the mind, and you will bask in the glorious moment that is now.” Um. Take my money? 

Kennedy OneSelf is a man with many arms. Or that’s what it seems when he performs a sound bath to wash all over you. At the Healium Center in Candler Park, you’ll be led down a narrative path by Blue Thunder, with sounds laced by Kennedy OneSelf playing his traditional instruments. The vibe will be created, literally, with acoustic vibrations and figuratively with some serious good juju. Two hours in a horizontal corpse pose? Easy-peazy. 7-9 p.m. @blue_thunder_heal; @kennedy_oneself

March 11 & March 12, Monday & Tuesday:

Step by Step, Donna Under the Dome The REAL Donna J. Trump is taking a break from her usual “Presidential” duties to get her steps in at the Georgia State Capitol. One million steps to be exact. For the 40 days the General Assembly is in session, Trump will dedicate each step to the one million eligible citizens who didn’t vote in 2018. This is a good opp for you to meet legislators and the Real Donna J. Trump. This is also a great photo op for that 2019 family holiday card. Bring your ID for Capitol entry. 11 a.m.-1 p.m. @therealdonnajtrump

March 15, Friday:

The Motet at Variety Playhouse Need some fiery, funky soul to make that disco heart jive? Insert The Motet on Friday, March 15. “When you’re listening to us, I want your mind to be taken away from wherever you are during the day and into some other place,” says Motets drummer Dave Watts. I’d say job well done, Dave, after taking a tour via Spotify. The Motet style feels like a mashup of Jamiroquai and The Floozies, with a bit more soul. 

If there’s one venue where I always seem to catch the grooves, it’s Variety Playhouse. ATL Collective performing James Brown’s Funky Christmas, Khruangbin, and a jazzy Kamasi Washington are just a few of the impressive performances I’ve caught at VP in the past year. The crowd is equally crunchy and classy, a place I try to live, theoretically. 9 p.m. @themotet; @varietyplayhouse; @zmpresents

March 16, SATURDAY:

TWERK, WALK, and TALK Fresh Faces hits ATL with its competition “for upcoming queens & kings to express their artistry & self expression,” Barry Brandon, “This Free Life/For All Humans.” This party is a great excuse to check-in to Atlanta’s newest, queerest hotel Moxy Atlanta Midtown (psst $119 room rates this weekend!!). This Free Life, an organization committed to promoting a smoke-free youth, comes bearing gifts and giveaways galore. Performances by Lucy Stoole, Chitown’s black, bearded beauty, and Atlanta’s IV Fischer. I’ll be there in a lewk just being kyoot and sh*t, so come! Likely find me stalking photographer Savana Ogburn for photos all eve, or by the snacks. Free event w/ RSVP & 18+ welcome. @thisfreelife, @tyislucystoole, @moxyatl, @forallhumans.

March 23, Saturday:

SPRUNG! w/ Aquaria of RuPaul’s Drag Race! Wussy Mag wants you to DRESS for qween Aquaria, y’all! “The lewk is Slutty-Spring-Nymph, Fragonard’s Floral Fuckb0i, PopPrincess, Clad in Pastels, Bacchanalian Bottoms.”

Come out in your fwinest attire, but don’t even think about slut-shaming! Only body-positive spring chicks welcome to this party. Go, marvel at the precision that is a Wussy Mag event. 

Hosted by Aquaria, season 10 winner of RuPaul’s “Drag Race,” as well as featuring some of CL’s Best of Atlanta winners, Edie Bellini, Hydrangea Heath, IV Fischer, Molly Rimswell, Taylor Alxndr, Thin Mint, Video Tronic. Going down at not-so-hole-in-the-wall Deep End behind Ponce City Market on North Avenue. But, as Aquaria put it on “Snatch Game” Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 10, “Any hole is a goal.” 10 p.m.-3 a.m. @wussymag; @ageofaquaria 

March 28, Thursday:

Beer & Lounging at the Clermont feat. Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause BEER AND LOUNGING at the Clermont Lounge with food ... HOLD! THE! PHONE! I’ve only ever eaten a hot dog outside the Clermont Lounge. Memorable bc I was eating with internet sensation, The Fat Jew (Josh Ostrovsky), while discussing best strip-club food in the U.S. — and bc I love hot dogs.

Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause, a CL fave, will pop up at the Clermont, with Lillian’s BBQ Catering. Joining will be Tiger! Tiger! and Boo Hag for a night of rock ’n’ roll, BBQ, beer, and the most famous duct-taped bar you ever will see! Just don’t take any photos. Do take a shot at getting kicked out of the Hotel Clermont before leaving the property. 9 p.m.-2 a.m. @annakramermusic; @clermontlounge

March 29, Friday:

Sub*tle Presents... ANNA (Kompakt / Drumcode) As, promised, our exclusive announcement: Sub*tle will open its newly refinished warehouse space connected to the Westside Cultural and Arts Center (760 10th St. N.W.). First party brings ANNA, a sultry, trance-y Brazilian DJ export. As it goes with some warehouse parties, attendees are typically kept in the dark re location until closer to the event date. A trend that often comes with late-night, after-hours parties, that, typically, I’m banned from sharing publicly … BUT CL’s The Move got the offish party deets early, y’all!!

“This space is fully permitted and has a liquor license … We will have food trucks on site to satisfy any late-night cravings. www.subtleevents.com for info and tickets. Event is 21+. Doors from 10 p.m.-??.”

The major difference between the most Atlanta nightclubs and these warehouse raves, you ask? The culture. Unlike a trip to a mega club, the fear of a #Metoo run-in doesn’t accompany me at the underground parties. Nothing but super speshy, mucho +++ vibes with feels of international techno clubs from Playa to Barcelona. When the lights come on and the crowd wants more — and the DJ plays on — it’s been a solid night.

Sub*tle, self-described as “delicately complex and understated,” is an events company planning to lay the groundwork for underground. @subtleeventsatl; @DJAnnaBr; @theDJbri

March 30, Saturday:

SERMON ATL: Yheti, Slug Wife and more at Freight Depot Described best by headliner, Yheti, the “future’s past brought to you in the present.” Dubstep at Georgia Freight Depot seems right. A long, narrow, dark indoor train depot with brick walls to absorb and reflect lasers, it’s the perfect spot to cram in a lot of people for a long night of “DUBDUBDUB ZOOOOOOOEEEM DUBUWUUUUU {animal sounds} UUUUUB WUBUB REEER WAAAAAUUUUU HUUUUU ZOOOOOOOM REEEE DUBUBUBUB WUBUBUB WUUUUU DUUUU WUUUU.” via @DubstepSong Twitter

Very into these one-day music series brought to us by monster brands like Red Bull Music and Hennessy. A one-night festival right at home in ATL, making it easy to wash my wook off after a rager. By the presounds of it, this sermon might also remind me of that time on Special K. Something called a bleep bloop was eating all the marshmallows and, well, I forget the rest. PSA: Don’t do drugs, but if you do, get that sh*t tested y’all!

::::) 8 p.m.-5 a.m. @yhetimusic; @_slugwife_ @littlesnakemusic; @vctre_; @esseksmusic; @_digitalethos; @kursaaaa; @zmpresents; Brannon Boyle; @nativegroove; @aisle5_atl; @envisionedarts_atl