COVID-19 Update from gloATL

COVID-19 Update from gloATL’s Founder Lauri Stallings.


Lauri Stallings



Self-described as a “Southern women artist led social movement organized through the analogy of a living organism, to better understand the world,” glo has two events planned for the fall season.

In an email, glo’s general manager Richard Carvlin writes that lost loose and loved is a land art work commissioned by Studio Dewberry. The work will map 2.5 acres in Midtown as a “micro prairie” where a choreographed event “enacting social duties related to place, the body, and environment” will transpire. The second work, stitching (up up up) the sky, is an original sound score by EmmoLei Sankofa, through which, in Carvlin’s words, “we hope to offer a new sense of participation and communion, while we are united and resilient amidst America’s empathy rebellion.” Both works will be free and open to the public.