COVID-19 Update from Terminus Modern BALLET Theatre

COVID-19 Update from Terminus Modern BALLET Theatre’s Director John Welker.

Terminus Modern BALLET Theatre

John Welker


By mid-March, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre had moved all of its dance education classes online and stopped conducting in-person rehearsals. In June, in-person classes were reinstated but with strict health safety measures in place.

“Despite our state’s push to get back to normal, at this point in the year, it is safe to say things will unfortunately be far from normal by the fall,” says Terminus director John Welker. “All our performances are moving to online digital platforms. That includes a dance film, a holiday premiere, a virtual fall fundraiser, and digital showings by students from the Terminus School of Modern Ballet.”

An official 2020-21 season announcement will come in August. Regardless of the particulars, all activities will require mask usage and follow PPE guidelines from the CDC.

“Long term, the crisis will introduce a new era of how the performing arts will be created and offered to the public,” Welker says. “With time, gathering can resume in some normal fashion, but the thought processes in which artists create art will not. The scope of intimacy of how people view and engage with the arts will become more personalized, smaller, and more specific, no matter the way it is enjoyed, either through live performance or virtually.”