COVID-19 Update Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

COVID-19 Update from Emory University/Schwartz Center for Performing Arts' Associate Director for Programming & Outreach Kathryn Colegrove.

Emory University / Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

Kathryn Colegrove
Associate Director for Programming & Outreach


On March 12, in coordination with the announcement of Emory University’s transition to remote learning, all events at the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts were canceled through April 30, 2020. Later, the cancelation was extended through mid-August 2020.

Working collaboratively with Emory’s Music Department, the Schwartz Center has been offering a weekly e-newsletter containing previously recorded digital content in lieu of several spring 2020 canceled concerts. Going forward, the Schwartz Center intends to stream live events whenever possible.

The 2020-21 Candler Concert Series is scheduled to kick off on September 12 with a performance by young violinist Bomsori Kim, followed over the next several months by concerts featuring American composer Philip Glass, Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero, Franco-Belgian cellist Camille Thomas, and other outstanding domestic and international artists. While the schedule can be viewed on the Schwartz webpage, at press time, Associate Director for Programming and Outreach Kathryn Colegrove could not confirm the status of the 2020-21 Candler Concert Series for understandable reasons.

“In response to Georgia’s surge in case numbers, Emory revised its fall plans to limit the number of people on campus and increase remote learning,” Colegrove explains in an email. “The Schwartz Center is finalizing its path forward for our fall concerts to be in keeping with Emory’s revised plans, and will announce the changes for our fall concerts soon.”

Updates will be posted online at www.schwartz.emory.edu

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