Dr. Thylacine's Halloween of Cryptids, October 26th on AIB Network

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Dr. Thylacine's Hall of Cryptids


Tune in on Monday, October 26th for Dr. Thylacine's Halloween of Cryptids on AIB Network, at 4PM and 7:30PM!

A family-friendly Hall of Cryptids Halloween special with puppets, comedy, and cryptids like Buddy Bigfoot and Freddie the Yeti. With educational segments about the Yeti and the Altamaha-ha, Georgia’s own river monster legend!

Fun for the whole family, if Dr. Thylacine can just keep Count Morbley, a late-night monster movie host from crashing the Halloween party...

Also airing Tues-Fri, Oct 27, 28, 29, & 30 at 4pm Eastern. If you’re not in the Atlanta metro area or don’t have AIB Network, it can be watched from anywhere on those days and times via their live streaming: https://aibtv.com/aibeverywhere/

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