Best GA Beach Retreats

Our list of the best beaches to visit in Georgia.

Courtesy Ralph Daniel for Explore GA
Photo credit: Ralph Daniel for Explore Georgia, exploregeorgia.org
Tybee Island Beach and Pier


Below are our recommendations for GA Beach Retreats in Atlanta. These selections came from our past winners of Best of Atlanta, recommendations from readers who voted in the past 2 years of Best of and from our critic's personal choices. Please leave comments below about your ideas to add to this list.

GA Beach Retreats

Cumberland Island, GA Savannah/GA Coast

With rapid construction overtaking Atlanta’s already jammed streets, there’s no better way to escape than to cruise down to CUMBERLAND ISLAND. It’s Georgia’s biggest barrier island, and it can only be reached by ferry, making it a subtropical oasis for a plethora of animals, including egrets, pelica... | more...

Destin, FL Out of State

A long-time favorite Florida beach for Atliens. Destin is a beatiful quaint town along the Gulf Coast. | more...

Sapelo Island, GA Savannah/GA Coast

Who wouldn't want to visit a village called Hog Hammock? Sapelo Island ranks as one of the state's most historically significant and downright interesting places for two reasons: It's home to a thriving community of descendants of the Gullah-Geechee culture of coastal Georgia and South Carolina; and... | more...

Tybee Island, GA Savannah/GA Coast

Snobbish Atlantans turn up their noses at the mention of our metropolis’s closest beach, TYBEE ISLAND. They think it’s cheesy, trashy or dull. They’re missing out. Sure, some of the development on the way to the water leaves something to be desired, but the beach and water at Tybee are quite nice. A... | more...

GA Beach Retreats (Parks/Places)


From www.jekyllisland.com: Consistently voted one of America’s “Ten Most Romantic Beaches,” Driftwood Beach is an escape to another world. Ancient driftwood monuments line the waterfront, creating an unforgettable backdrop. | more...


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