ARTS UPDATE: Theatrical Outfit’s Gretchen E. Butler

Fall Arts Preview Update from Theatrical Outfit’s Managing Director, Gretchen E. Butler

Gretchen E. Butler
Photo credit: Courtesy Gretchen E. Butler
Gretchen E. Butler: “It’s impossible to predict what the long-term effects of the shutdown caused by COVID will be on the arts community in Atlanta. The good news is that most organizations found a way to survive. …Arts organizations have grown closer to each other and built communication channels, which I hope will remain open for years to come. Inequities in funding opportunities have been exposed and the philanthropic community has listened. Artists have shown again how incredibly resilient we are. A year from now, I hope we’ll be able to say that the value of live performing arts — being in a room with an artist as opposed to watching them on a screen — will be more present in people’s minds and that our organizations are stronger by virtue of a renewed commitment by patrons to the irreplaceable magic of a live performance.”