THE MOVE: Plan Accordingly. - January 2022

Hey, y’all! What’s the move?

FEED YOUR HEAD: A legal, professional ‘shroom trip is waiting for you in East Atlanta Village to help beat those blues. PHOTO CREDIT: EMA CARR
Photo credit: Ema Carr
FEED YOUR HEAD: A legal, professional ‘shroom trip is waiting for you in East Atlanta Village to help beat those blues.

What’s hot in the A this winter? Vaccines, boosters and flu shots are all the rage. They pair great with social gatherings, family get togethers, the workplace and all public spaces ITP. Unless you find yourself in the wild northwest of “Buckhead City,” where they live by their own sets of rules. To be safe, check COVID deets on websites before attending anything below, as we know shit is constantly “subject to change” these days.

Wanna be a good person today? Do you have five minutes or less to go to cannabisincommon.org? Simply put in your zip and the site will call down the list of your Congresspersons. Leave voice messages, bc we know they never answer, politely reminding them that Americans have one thing overwhelming in common, ending cannabis prohibition. No doubt these politicians are all spending a majority of their time worrying about reelection, so remind them who they work. #HempNotKemp

Cute pandemic trends to keep: sanitizer everywhere, six-foot minimum personal space, masks, everything cashless and delivered and WFH! Can’t do needles? Keep that mask on, honeypot. For those who are ready to step out, read on for The Move.

Disclaimer: The Move does not recommend Twitter in life or in this column. Any @handles mentioned below are for Instagram.

Wed., Jan. 19

Atsuko Okatsuka, 529 Bar— Okatsuka is heading to the A on her first solo comedy tour where she’s, “really figured this whole life thing out,” even as a self proclaimed adult baby. On top of creating and hosting a hit game show “Let’s Go, Atsuko!”, partial Japanese game show with a dry touch, Adult Swim shows “Soft Focus with Jena Friedman,” and The Eric Andre Show, employ Okatsuka as a writer. Stream Atsuko Okatsuka’s projects “Mom & Pop,” “The Show Nextdoor,” or listen to her first ever comedy album called “But I Control Me,” before catching the live set at 529 in EAV. — Ms. Conception

$20-$22. 8:00 p.m. 529 Bar, 529 Flat Shoals Ave., S.E., Atlanta, 30316

Sun., Jan. 23 

Amayo, City Winery — Amayo means “if you don’t go, you never know!” This former frontman for Antibalas’s rhythms are of the Nigerian Spirit Drum from Ifẹ̀. Ifẹ̀ is an ancient Yoruba city in south-western Nigeria. Amayo’s Soul FU-Afrobeat music blends Kung Fu, dance, and folklore. As an anointed Orisha “Awo”, one with a goal to remove all obstacles that stand in the way of Spiritual evolution, Amayo sings traditional Nigerian stories that have been passed down in a sacred lineage. The icing on Amayo’s layered cake is performing traditional Chinese Lion Dance as a salutation ritual to begin his stage performances to bring good fortune to the audience.

In house on the City Winery stage will be legendary drummer Jojo Quo, a piano, an Organ, guitars, bass, flute, sax, trumpet, violin, congas, gbedu spirit drum and a shekere. What’s a gbedu spirit drum? Gbedu literally means “big drum” and is a percussion instrument traditionally used in ceremonial Yoruba music in Nigeria. What’s a shekere? It’s another West African percussion instrument consisting of a dried gourd with beads or cowries woven into a net covering the gourd. — Ms. Conception

$25-$40. 6:30 p.m. Doors / 8:00 p.m. Start. City Winery Atlanta, Ponce City Market, 650 North Avenue N.E., Atlanta, 30308

Sun., Jan. 30

Silvana Estrade, City Winery — Mexican vocalist Estrade is only 23 and is being hailed as the new voice of a movement of independent female artists who have characterized Latin Alternative music over the past decade, performing with an international roster.

A multi-instrumentalist, but most often pairs her vocals with the Venezuelan cuatro guitar. A small bodied, warm sounding guitar that seems to melt smoothly into her hands and glide just right with her diverse pipes. Raised by luthiers, on Mexican son jarocho, singing in the choir music, then later schooled in jazz, Estrada aims her sounds towards the heart of her listeners saying, “My music is made of who I am.” More than 600K monthly listeners are enjoying the discovery of Silvana Estrada on Spotify. — Ms. Conception

$22-$32. 6:30 p.m. Doors / 8:00 p.m. start, City Winery Atlanta, Ponce City Market, 650 North Avenue N.E., Atlanta, 30308 City Winery Atlanta

Field Trip Health, Atlanta Clinic — What a time to be alive with the Jan. blues. Why? Bc it’s now legal to receive psychedelic therapy in East Atlanta Village. If depression is part of your story, the new intown clinic offers treatments like medical shroom trips or ketamine drips for quicker solution than a prescription that could take weeks or months.

It’s called psychedelic-assisted therapy, and described as “a modern method of applying ancient, time-tested wisdom that has helped sufferers experience truly transformational effects.” Go to their website or call to book a consultation. Treatments are several hundred dollars, but payment plans are available. Bc being mentally fit is so on fleek in 2022! — Ms. Conception

Weekdays 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Atlanta Clinic, 750 Glenwood Ave., Building 200, Suite 210 Atlanta, 30316. atlanta at fieldtriphealth.com

Activities, MASS Collective — New year, new hobby? Treat yourself to an excursion to MASS Collective that will get your cold-pressed creativity juices flowing. Stained glass is timeless. So are adult activities classes! Skip the paint and sip and hit a stained glass class, woodworking, book binding, or try metal workshop. The stained glass course is $95, which includes everything you need, and you leave with a DIY piece. Take your Mom, make a memory, learn a skill, all while supporting local artists, makers and teachers. Hit the website for course schedule and deets. — Ms. Conception

MASS Collective, 364 Nelson St. S.W., Atlanta, 30313, masscollective.org @masscollective

Classes, Mixdeity — “We believe in people over profit,” the mantra of Grant Park’s newest gathering spot’s, Mixdeity. Located in a 15,000 sqft church built in 1922, locals will recognize it as the former home of a circus aerial arts school since the congregation left in 2009. Newbs can expect weekly classes for Brazilian martial art of capoeria, improv, Jiu-Jitsu, Live Sound: Pro Audio, marketing and strategic writing, guerilla filmmaking, video editing, dance and movement, music writing, and various artist group meet ups.

Folx can do a single event or become a member and then all the activities are free! Memberships support “creatives, entrepreneurs and humanitarians to collaborate and create, empowered and free from outside pressures or money based agendas.” Do you have an idea for a class? Hit Mixdeity up for free teaching space. — Ms. Conception

Mixdeity, 575 Boulevard S.E., Atlanta, 30312. mixdeity.com