NEWS BRIEF: Zoo Atlanta announces the death of Choomba

Gorilla matriarch euthanized due to poor health

Zoo Atlanta Choomba
Photo credit: Courtesy Zoo Atlanta
A founding member of Zoo Atlanta’s gorilla population has been euthanized, officials have announced. Choomba, 59, had been in declining health “due to advanced arthritis and other age-related complications,” they said in a statement online. “Given her poor prognosis, and with concern for her comfort and quality of life, the teams made the extremely difficult decision to euthanize her.” Choomba came to live at the zoo four decades ago and was the matriarch of four generations of gorillas. VP Jennifer Mickelberg said of her, “Choomba leaves a tremendous legacy at Zoo Atlanta, in the zoological gorilla population in North America, and in the hearts of those who knew her best.”