NEWS BRIEF: Protesters of lagging rental aid program rally outside commissioner’s home

Nunn’s residence site of protest

Commissioner Nunn
Photo credit: Courtesy GA Dept of Community Affairs
Commissioner Christopher Nunn
Department of Community Affairs commissioner Christopher Nunn got a surprise last Saturday when aggrieved renters and housing activists staged a protest rally outside his Buckhead residence. The group was complaining about the slow rollout of the federal emergency rental assistance program. Only about 12 percent of the Treasury funds received by the DCA a year ago have so far been given out to struggling tenants. The commissioner apparently wasn’t available to meet with the protesters, so they left a message for Nunn via his security cameras. “He knows we know where he lives, so he can’t continue to hide from accountability,” said Bruce Marks of the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. atlantaciviccircle.org