NEWS BRIEF: DeKalb students protest ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

‘I’ll be your mirror — reflect what you are’

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Photo credit: CL FILE
Atlanta Gay Pride Parade

Dozens of students from the DeKalb School of the Arts in Avondale Estates were part of a national walkout last week to protest the record number of anti-LGBTQ bills being introduced by lawmakers. A particular irritant for the students is Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill that forbids discussions in public schools on sexual orientation or gender identity at certain grade levels.

“Children as they grow and develop need to see themselves reflected in the adults around them and the literature they read and the lessons they’re being taught,” said Patricia Richmond, president of the school’s PTSA. “I fully support these children and DeKalb School of the Arts as being a safe haven for queer, transgender and kids of all kinds of different from across DeKalb County.”