NEWS BRIEF: Gov. Kemp still fighting for medical marijuana

Kemp humps for hemp

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Photo credit: Courtesy Office of U.S. Senator David Perdue
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

Governor Brian Kemp is hoping to revive a stalled medical marijuana initiative that has so far failed to reach consensus among state lawmakers. Kemp says he is looking at options to “keep the process moving” which could possibly include an executive order. “We’re talking about what else we can be doing,” he said, “but I haven’t looked at anything specifically in regards to that to see if we have the legal authority.”

The legislation sought to allow a half dozen companies to provide cannabis oil to more than 22,000 patients suffering from a range of maladies. “We were very supportive of that,” Kemp said. “We were in the fight to get something done, but now that the session ended, we’re still focused on getting the licenses out and going through the process that we originally had.” ajc.com