NEWS BRIEF: Farmers getting boost from paper waste conversion

300+ tons of soil additives converted from paper mill waste

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Photo credit: CL FILE
Farmer at Goat Farm

A recycling company in Atlanta is providing material to U.S. farmers seeking natural, environmentally protective ways to enrich soil and boost production. DS Smith announced Wednesday that it converted more than 300 tons of soil additives in 2021 from paper mill waste once headed to landfills, and hundreds more will be produced for farmers and agriculture markets in the coming year.

“We’re replacing the raw organic material that was harvested from our forests, allowing the natural processes in the soil to stay healthy and continue its positive impact by holding potentially climate changing emissions in the earth,” said DS Smith executive Giancarlo Maroto in a press release. “It’s our way of lending a helping hand to farmers - a critical cog in America’s supply chain.”